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Sept. 21, 2017           Child Protection Action Plan Presentation

                                         (Location to be Announced) 

Nov. 3, 2017              Wealth Counsel FL Forum in Sarasota.

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Legacy and Estate Planning is a Need of Every Family

   We educate, we guide and help families make informed decisions about the estate and legacy planning needed to protect the individual, the family members, especially minor children, the assets and to make sure the family's legacy is passed down the way that family wants, while we provide professional representation and build a long lasting relationship with our clients. 

​     ​​Planning for the well-being and protection of children is a must for every parent. The first step in the process of planning and protecting your children is naming the right guardian that will be there when you are not, to make sure that your children never end up in foster care, not for a day . .  .   Click above for your free guide: "Eight Important Steps in Naming the Right Guardians for your children."

What You Must Know    BEFORE
Naming Guardians for
your Children

Children Protection 

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