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Yahima and her daugther, Daniela, learning History at the USS Alabama. 

                                 Attorney Yahima Suarez

After many years handling divorce and paternity cases, I have been exposed to many of the needs of families with children.  I have noticed that lack of information in certain areas makes families and their children vulnerable.

Beginning 2015, I knew I needed to do something to change this lack of information. I started with myself. I commenced to see the protections I needed for my own daughter and was scared to know I had none in place. As an attorney I was aware of many of these protections and had advised many of my clients of them, but I had not even realized all I knew and how I had to apply all to my own life.

I paused for a moment and asked myself: if something happens to me and her dad, who is going to take care of my daughter? I want my mother to take care of my daughter, but there is also the other grandparents and aunts and uncles. The idea of a possible court battle and my daughter ending up with DCF (yes, foster care) petrified me!  Not for a day, no, I said to myself.

I have committed myself to make a difference in my life and the life of Working Mothers like me. I have chosen to practice Estate Planning because I want to make sure that families with young children have the knowledge and understanding and the tools to decide what plan is best for their family, what guardians are best for their children, what type of financial plan must be put in place to support their children if they are no longer around. I want parents to make sure they are prepared for any event. I want to make sure children are protected.  

I graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from St. Thomas University School of Law in 2006  and a Bachelor's in Political Science, English, and History from St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida, 2003. I was admitted to practice law in the State of Florida in 2006 and I am a member in good standing. I was admitted to the Southern District of Florida Federal court in 2007. 

If you are ready to make a difference in your own life, protect your children and your family and pet, your legacy and your assets, feel free to send us a message so we can schedule a Legacy and Estate Planning Session where I can address those issues for you and help you create a plan that works for you and yours.

Who We are

At Yahima Suarez, P.A., we are committed to bringing our clients with a great experience. We do not just offer legal services, we offer peace of mind to our clients. We help our clients choose the right guardian for their children by walking them through this difficult process and not letting them procastinate;  we make sure to guide our clients through the intricacies of planning their estate so that they can know they have the right protections in place for themselves (in the event of incapacity), for their families (when they are not available to protect them), for their business (when they are not able to run them), all this while assuring their assets are protected and their legacy is everlasting. We are located in the city of Hialeah, in the heart of  Miami, Florida.  Hablamos Español!