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1.  Customer Service Centered:  We are client and customer-service oriented. We strive to create long-lasting      

      relationships with our clients and serve them for life -- and hopefully serve their children along the way! We   

      want to provide the legal guidance and advice in a language our clients understand. 

2 . Holistic Planning: We plan for more than just your money, but we plan for the person and the whole family. 

3. Legacy Planning: We take intrinsic values at heart so we hard with our clients to pass down a legacy, wisdom,

     experiences, and teachings, in addition to assets and other monetary values.

4. Children Protections are a priority in our planning so we provide for specific planning to protect minor children.

5. No Hourly Billing: We have moved from an hourly model to a flat fee where our clients are always confident to

      know what a case is going to cost them when they contract our services.

 6. Complimentary Three-Year Reviews: to make sure your plan always works. 

We are not your average law firm, We are different. How?

                                 Attorney Yahima Suarez

Making a switch from a traditional law firm environment to a more client-centric practice, I want to make sure that my clients feel cared, have access to the right information and in a language they understand-- May it be in plain English or in Spanish. I have had many years of experience helping protect families in different ways . . . first through the practice of family law and immigration and later through estate planning. 

Through my years in practice, I noticed a very high need for information in the area of estate planning.  There is lots of ignorance around this subject and I was one of these persons (just a few years ago).  Even though I already did some estate planning for clients, when my daughter was born I started questioning my knowledge of how I could protect her if something happened to me. I found myself ignorant of the right ways to protect her. I discovered, as most of my client do after we meet, that there is a lot more to estate planning to leave my house to my daughter upon my death. I was worried about her in the event of an accident or a temporary incapacity that would impede me to care for her myself. It brought to my head questions of who would take care of her, what would be the legal steps, who would have the legal rights to care for my children and if I could tell the law or the court my wishes, how would the guardian to my child support her?  These are just a few of the questions I had. I researched. I studied. I found many of these answers (which you can find by clicking here: What You Must Know When Naming Guardians for Your Children). I started bringing my knowledge to other families and I learned also that every family is unique. So, I could not just have a cookie cutting type of practice but a personalized system to help each of my clients and their families plan according to their individual's needs. 

I want to make a difference in people's lives. The way I can do that is making sure to educate as many people as I can about putting the proper planning in place and how to protect themselves, their children, their assets and also, how to pass down a legacy. A legacy? Yes, a legacy includes your values, teachings, and intangible valuables like advice and guidance you wish your children or other families members could have even when you are no longer able to do it yourself. Ask us how to do this!  For me, it is an integral and important part of a holistic estate plan.

I am a proud alumna of Thomas University School of Law (2006) in case you wondered. This was just the beginning of my learning journey that has no end.  I hope I can pass down my learnings to you and to your family so you can pass it down to those you care about as well.  

If you are ready to learn how you can make a difference in your own life, protect your children and your family, and your pets too, your assets and leave a legacy, click here to schedule a Life Planning & Beyond Session (or call 305-456-7158) where you will have the opportunity to learn and find out how you can set the right protections for your family so you can start enjoying peace of mind.