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           Protecting children is every parent’s concern. As parents we provide our children with the best we can, either it be the safest gear, best day care, best education. However, seldom parents think of what would happen to their minor children if the parents became incapacitated or passed away. We plan for the unexpected. 
             I meet with parents to determine who can be the best guardian for their children if the unthinkable happens. We provide the guidance and the tools to elaborate a plan that works for the unique needs of the family. We plan for naming short-term and long-term guardians so that children are always in the care of someone familiar enough to the children and trusted enough by the parents. We plan for the support of the children (it is not the guardians’ responsibility to support your children). We plan so that children’s inheritance is protected from themselves, from predators and creditors.
             Unexpected life events are traumatic enough, so we make sure that a plan is in place to make the transition as less intruding and traumatic as possible. Children’s well-being is our primary concern.

Children Protection Planning