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College-Age Children 

        College-age children have very specific needs. Once children turn 18, in the state of Florida, they are considered adults. At this time, parents can no longer make legal or medical decisions for their children.  College-age children shall have basic planning put in place, especially planning to provide their parents or trusted adult with access to their medical records and medical decision-making. 

      It is easy for children to feel grown-up and adult once the magic age comes around. However, as with everything else in life, the age of majority also comes with a price tag.  Adulthood brings responsibilities, independence and more legal components. 

       We strongly encourage our clients with young children but who have already reached the age of majority to prepare and have in place medical directives, HIPPA releases, and any other necessary documentation to make sure the parents can still protect them in the event of an accident.  It is also very important that when these young adults leave to attend a college or university away from home, they have provided those close to them with instructions and directions or who to call and where to obtain important information about their medical necessities. 

         Remember that Estate Planning is not just about money, it is about you and your rounded well-being.