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                 Pets are an Extension of the Family, Pets are Family . . . 

  Pet Protection
For the people I know, pets are part of their family. I can speak for myself here as I have a parrotlet and two dogs that are my babies.  These, unlike your children, will never emancipate and leave for college. It is our responsibility to care for our pets.  So, what happens to them if we become incapacitated or die?  Many times they will end up in a shelter or who knows where else. 
Can we protect them beyond our presence? Certainly.   Even though pets are considered property, Florida allows for a pet to be the beneficiary of a trust that can ensure proper care and protection of your furred or feathered family members! 
A piece of advice: do not trust that your family member or friend who likes your pets will be able or willing to care for your pet if you cannot. Proper planning is essential for their protection.  Click here and we will be happy to discuss the options of caring for your pet.