Special Needs Planning

Any child who reaches the age of 18 (the age of majority) is considered an adult.  This is also true for children with special needs who continue to need care in various or in every way.  This means, that a guardianship is essential for these children or incapacitated adults.  In addition, these special persons usually receive SSI and/or Medicaid benefits that could be affected upon receiving an inheritance.  

There are ways to plan for your dependent special family member so the special person does not lose his or her benefits.  If benefits are not an issue, you want to make sure there is a trusted and willing person to take on your role if you can no longer do it yourself (in the event of death or incapacity). You also want to make sure that the incapacitated person's inheritance is used in the right way, avoiding waste and predators.

If you thought planning for a child was important, planning for a special child can be even more important and involves further nuances.  Do not delay, click here and will be happy to help you learn more. 

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